Making Rush Week Radical


Radical Rush…not to be confused with the hundreds of screaming girls running past Wilson Library on Bid Day. This is a non-fraternity, non-sorority kind of rush, an Anarchist rush.


In Case You Missed It: Rachel Maddow’s segment on NC college students


On Thursday, NBC news anchor Rachel Maddow aired a live broadcast from Elizabeth City, North Carolina about the increasing limitations on voting rights by the state and local governments. The


by Gayatri Surendranathan

It’s Friday, August 2, 2013, and things have been happening. This is nothing new – they have been happening with consistency more or less since the beginning of time. Let’s take a look at some especially pertinent things that have happened this past week!

  • Congress passed a bipartisan bill on Wednesday that effectively links the student loan interest rate to financial markets. This means rates are low now but can be expected to increase as the economy improves (as it is forecast to do). Undergraduates would borrow at a rate of 3.9% this fall, and though each year’s rate could be more expensive than the last’s, rates are capped at 8.25%, which is higher than the current 6.8% rate. Students could have to borrow at this rate as early as 2015.
  • In a boggling move, Governor Pat McCrory gave a plateful of chocolate chip cookies to women protesting the new abortion bill he signed into law that limits access to abortion by forcing clinics across the state to shut down. He reportedly handed them to protester Jamie Sohn and said, “These are for you. God bless you, God bless you, God bless you.” The women returned the plate with a note that said, “Will take women’s health over cookies!” They also chanted, “Hey Pat, that was rude. You wouldn’t give cookies to a dude.”
  • In nine months, Secretary of State John Kerry hopes to have carried his fetus to full term – just kidding, he hopes to have reached a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. Israeli and Palestinian representatives met for the first time in three years this week, with Kerry acting as a moderator. Though Kerry is hopeful about the direction of the talks, many foreign policy experts do not share his enthusiasm.


Governor McCrory walks away after handing over the cookies (photo by Irene Godinez)