Students on President Obama’s Loan Policy Address at UNC-Chapel Hill and President Obama’s Full Speech (VIDEO)

While waiting in line to hear President Barack Obama speak at UNC-Chapel Hill, students discuss how the upcoming hike in federal student loan interest rates will affect them, what they hope President Obama will cover in his speech, what action they hope Congress will be taking on this issue, and what the importance of higher education is to them. For many, if their federal student loan interest rates were doubled, they would no longer be able to afford pursuing a graduate education. Overwhelmingly, the message was clear that students believe that affordability in higher education needs to be a priority.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Obama’s Loan Policy Address (UNC-Chapel Hill) from Audrey Ann Lavallee on Vimeo.

Student Interviews Filming and Overall Footage Editing: Audrey Ann Lavallee-Belanger, Campus BluePrint Multimedia and Blog Editor

Student Interviewing: Chelsea Phipps, former Campus BluePrint Editor-in-Chief

President Obama’s Speech Filming: Oliver Rose, Campus BluePrint Videographer