Football Bean Bag Chair

Book or playing video games. You can wear Football Bean Bag Chair -a beanbag chair store, but it’s cheaper to do yourself. Such as packing peanuts or pellets Scissors Sewing machine Thread Create a pattern piece side it pointed at the top and the bottom, this pattern is designed for an adult.

Cut two of each fabric following the pattern background. Pin the lower parts together, making sure that the right side are together. Sew the bottom pieces together along the straight edge, open seam table when finished. Football bean bag chair Place the zipper right side down along the back of the lower part, along the seam just sewn. Sew the zipper down with a zipper foot

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Sew side football bean bag chair pieces together along the long sides. Be sure to do both football tissues the lining fabric. Top 9 stitches on the right side of the fabric 3/8 inch seams. Stay stitch around the top of the bag on the side pieces half inch from the edge. Clip seam allowances to lie in the future. Pin the top of the bag with the right sides together and sew seams with half inch. Sew the bottom of the bag in the same way that the top stitching on the bag.

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