Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Oversized bean bag chair are ideal for playrooms, casual family room or media room. While a beanbag chair may be small for some adults, large sofas can accommodate the whole family. Unfortunately, these larger cousins ​​of the classic chair come with high price tags. You can make your own beanbag sofa foam fills quickly and easily with basic sewing skills, the size to fit your space and your family.

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The basic oversized bean bag chair Measure the available space in your home for your beanbag sofa. Sofas stuffed ball of foam are typically 6-8 feet long and can be round or oval. Determine the final size and shape of the space-based beanbag. Lengths seam lining fabric panels to create sufficiently large and long enough for your desired shape beanbag.

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Create a pattern for your oversized bean bag chair, drawing the pattern directly on the tissue lining. Make a large circle or curve by tying a length of string to a pin at one end and a pencil in the other. The chain should be the desired radius of the circle or, for an oval sofa, half circle. Pin makeshift compass in place in the center of your canvas and draw the shape you need.

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